January 2, 2017: Yemen

According to the AFP, 11 civilians have been killed in Yemen during the last two days, January 1 and 2, 2017:

  • Killed by air-raids from the Arab coalition, five from the same family in a hamlet in the province of Marib yesterday; and two today in the Hodeida province.
  • Killed by rebel mortar fire four civilians (three of them kids) yesterday Sunday in the siege of Taëz.

In addition, 14 Huthi rebels have been killed in shelling and air strikes in Yemen in two days, military and rebel sources said Monday (in Marees, in the southern province of Daleh; and in Al-Makhdara, in the central province of Marib).

According to the UN, since March 2015 war in Yemen has killed more than 7.000 and injured around 37.000.

11 civiles muertos, y 14 combatientes rebeldes, en diversos puntos del Yemén durante el 1 y el 2 de enero por bombardeos de la coalición árabe y de las fuerzas rebeldes.


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